Chicago Public Schools* COVID-19 Case Tracker


Q. Where do you get your data from?

A. I get my data from CPS's public health API.

Q. How often does your data get updated?

A. This site automatically collects updated data from CPS every five minutes and posts updates (if there are any) a few seconds later.

Q. Why are there some days with 0 cases?

A. If CPS has not made any changes to their data at that time, new case numbers for that day will be 0.

Q. Why are there sometimes negative cases?

A. If CPS removes a case from their dataset I will report it as a negative case.

Q. I was told by my school that there was a case and it has not shown up here!

A. CPS should be letting potenitally exposed schools and pods know about exposures before the rest of the world. However, if you are informed of a case in your school and do not see it here within a couple days, please let me know!

Q. How long does it take between a case being reported to CPS and it showing up here?

A. Based on what I have seen, it has historically taken about 2 days between a case being reported to CPS, it being investigated, deciding it is "actionable," informing relevant parties, and it showing up in their daily numbers. However, it has also taken a week or more to show up in their data. If you dont like that, know that I dont like it either. Let CPS know they shouldn't be so slow.

Q. What if I only care about my child's school?

A. Once you go to a certain schools page, you can just bookmark that page and easliy go straight there.

Q. Why are you doing this?

A. I don't think CPS's data is organized in a very user friendly format. So I am using their data to make my own dashboard.

Q. Why don't you add [X] feature?

A. I would love to hear how you use this and what things you think would make it better or more useful! You can reach out on @CPSCovid on Twitter.

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The data used to power this dashboard is publicly available and can be found here.

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